London Style | Wimbledon Common

London boasts some great parks and commons; one of the most famous (perhaps thanks to a band of furry friends with their own TV show) is Wimbledon Common. My friend Louise and I took a wander around Wimbledon during tennis season, and somehow she ended up interviewing on camera for a Turkish TV channel! Later on, we went for a stroll in the common. I hadn’t intended to do any fashion snaps, but Louise’s outfit was really interesting so I took some photos throughout the day.

In the evening, I noticed some dramatic lighting effects as the sun went down behind the trees. We had fun playing around with these light and dark spots… I also had a go in front of the lens, sporting my self-made bomber jacket (see my ‘How-to’ tutorial here.)

Sadly we didn’t see any Wombles… maybe next time.


  • All clothing, sandals & accessories from H&M
  • Sunglasses from Primark


  • Self-made lined bomber jacket in John Kaldor “Red Juliet” fabric
  • GAP T-shirt (self-dyed)
  • H&M jeans (self-dyed)
  • Well-loved white Converse


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