An Introduction to Mindfulness

I’m sure at some point you have become stressed at work whether meeting a deadline, presenting, managing challenging clients, delivering a project, etc.  Are you aware of the moment that you begin to get stressed?  Does your communication style change for the better or worse?  Do you let it bubble away before exploding?  Do you go home to de-stress with Netflix and then begin the … Continue reading An Introduction to Mindfulness

London Style | Wimbledon Common

London boasts some great parks and commons; one of the most famous (perhaps thanks to a band of furry friends with their own TV show) is Wimbledon Common. My friend Louise and I took a wander around Wimbledon during tennis season, and somehow she ended up interviewing on camera for a Turkish TV channel! Later on, we went for a stroll in the common. I hadn’t intended to do any … Continue reading London Style | Wimbledon Common

Joining the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network

This week I was asked to join Minerva Crafts’ Blogger Network – a small group of clothes-makers and crafters based all over the world. Every month, Minerva Crafts will send me a supplies kit with my chosen fabrics, notions and sewing pattern. I will then construct the garment and write a short blog piece all about the process, complete with lots of lovely photos!     … Continue reading Joining the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network

William Tell Overture – Voice Orchestra video

So it’s been a while since I uploaded a new video to the duncandoo channel. For this one, I went back to the same style as my very first YouTube video, with an A Cappella vocal arrangement of a well known classical piece – the William Tell Overture Finale, by Rossini. I kept the bright colours, and some of the original characters (you might know … Continue reading William Tell Overture – Voice Orchestra video